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Solar Panels for Camping Keeps Your Phone Charged

Solar panels for camping allow you to keep your phone and other small gadgets charged. Make sure that you have access to your phone, in the event of an emergency, or keep your radio charged, with the help of a solar panels backpack or portable solar panels.

When you think of solar power, you often think of large panels facing the sun. But, portable solar panels and solar panels backpacks allow you to take this power with you anywhere that you go, including camping and hiking trips. Take a look at the top solar panels for camping and enjoy a few luxuries during your next camping trip.

HKYH Solar Mobile Light System with 2 LED Lights


You will never need to camp in the dark again with the HKYH solar mobile light system. This compact unit includes a controller box with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for holding a charge. Examine the main technical specs and features of these portable solar panels:

• Compact, foldable 6W portable solar panels
• Charge controller with built-in battery
• 2 LED lights with cables
• 3 5V 2A outputs

When you are camping, you do not want to add too much gear to your pack. This lightweight set includes everything needed to provide power during your camping trip.

You can charge smartphones and small electronics using the charge controller with a built-in battery. The easy to read indicator lights on the controller let you know how much power is left. There are 3 5V 2A outputs for connecting devices, including the 2 LED light bulbs that are provided in this kit.

Whether you are camping, fishing, or anywhere that does not have access to electricity, this compact unit has you covered. The entire kit is small enough to fit in your backpack but solar powerful to charge your electronics.

Get the HKYH Solar Mobile Light System in Time for Your Next Camping Trip!

Falove Solar LED Lighting System with 6W Solar Panels


The Falove Solar LED lighting system is another great option and is very similar to the HKYH solar mobile light system. Both portable solar panels feature collapsible panels and a controller with a built-in lithium battery. Here is a closer look at these features:

• 6W collapsible solar panels
• Charge controller with built-in lithium battery
• 2 LED light bulbs
• 3 USB charger outlets
• Plug and play ready
• 6 to 9 hours of power after a full charge

The Falove Solar LED light system is compact enough to fit in your backpack and can quickly be set up at your campsite. For locations that do not allow the use of a generator, solar panels for camping allows you to keep your personal electronics fully charged.

You also get 2 LED light bulbs, for offering illumination when the sun goes down. Get more out of your camping trip and enjoy music from your phone without worrying about draining the battery. There are 3 outlets for charging devices that have a USB connection.

The entire kit is “plug and play” ready. The setup process is not complicated. Within minutes, you can arrange your solar array and begin charging your electronics.

Purchase the Falove Solar LED Light System for Portable Power While Camping!

SUAOKI 60W Portable Sunpower Mono-Crystalline Folding Solar Panel


If the previous kits are too large for your comfort, then the SUAOKI 60W portable solar panels for camping may be a better option. This compact kit features a series of small solar panels that fold into an easy to carry case. When folded, the entire kit is just 11.4×6.3×2.76-inches in size. It is almost small enough to fit in a large pocket. Take a look at the rest of the features:

• 60W foldable solar charger bag
• Car charger
• 10-in-1 connector cable
• 2 DC to DC cables
• 1 DC to SAE clamp
• Weighs just 3 pounds

The SUAOKI portable charging station does not require an inverter, a battery, or any other equipment. Everything is included in the compact charger bag. All you need to do is unfold the bag and place it in a location where it can receive sunlight.

Charge your electronics with the USB output port. You can also the 10-in-1 connector cable to charge larger electronics, such as your laptop. In the event that you need to charge your car battery, this kit also includes a DC to SAE clamp. For those with electric vehicles, there is a cigarette lighter adapter.

Order the Compact Solar Panels Backpack Kit with the SUAOKI Portable Charger Station!

EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger with 4 USB Ports

Another option for those wanting solar panels for camping is the EasyAcc 28W solar charger with 4 USB ports. As with the SUAOKI, the EasyAcc 28W solar charger features several compact panels that fold into an easy to carry bag, so that you can take it with you anywhere. In addition to being portable, you can enjoy the following features:

• Portable solar charger
• Bright flashlight (32 LED bulbs)
• 4 USB ports
• Micro USB charging cable
• Travel pouch
• Backpack rope
• 18-month warranty

Keep your smartphones and gadgets fully charged throughout your camping trip. Leave this portable charger out in the sun during the day, so that you do not run out of juice during the night.

The EasyAcc 28W is one of the most affordable options, for those wanting portable power. The solar panels can be folded and placed in the provided travel pouch, which makes it easy to take this kit with you while hiking or backpacking.


What can you power with this device? You get 4 USB ports and a micro USB charger. This should handle most small electronics, including the latest generation of smartphones.

Get the EasyAcc Solar Charger So That You Never Run Out of Power While Camping!

Portable chargers offer a convenient solution for keeping your gadgets running while you are camping. You can find compact foldable chargers, along with larger arrays that will fit in your backpack. If you do a lot of camping or hiking, these portable solar panels can be a life saver.

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