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Solar Panels for Homes – Discover the Best System

Solar panels for homes give you the ability to slash your energy bills. If you want to generate clean, free energy, then learn more about the top solar panels for homes.

How much is a solar panel system for homes? This depends on your needs. You need to consider the amount of power that you want to generate and the systems that you will use to control this electricity.

You may also need an inverter, for converting DC to AC, unless you plan on having a professional electrician wire the solar panel system directly to your home power line. Get started today. Take a look at the most affordable solar panels for homes.

Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit



A great starter kit, the Sunforce 50048 60W solar charging kit includes all the items needed to begin using solar power in your home. While you could use this kit for camping, boating, or RV travel, you get everything required to mount this system at home. Here are the main features and details:

• Durable 60W solar panel array
• 200-watt inverter
• Wiring and connection cables
• Built-in blocking diode
• Weatherproof design

The Sunforce 50048 60W solar charging kit is great for home use, as it includes an inverter for converting DC to AC. You also get all the wiring and connection cables needed to hook this system up.

The 60W of power is generated by an array of four 15W solar panels. These panels are weatherproof and feature a durable design, which is important when your solar panels are positioned outdoors year-round.

If you are new to solar power, then the Sunforce 50048 60W solar charging kit will help you get started. No experience is necessary.

Order Your Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit to Limit Your Energy Consumption!

HKYH Solar Panel Lighting Kit with 4 LED Light Bulbs and 5V Output


The HKYH solar panel lighting kit is another great option for those that want to add solar power to their home. This is perhaps the easiest system to use, with no need to connect the controller to your home power supply, as it has its own power bank. Here are some of the other features and details of the HKYH solar panel kit:

• 30W foldable solar panel array
• DC power bank with 5 separate 5V outlets
• 3 charging cables
• 4 LED light bulbs
• 2 iPhone power adapters

With the HKYH solar panel lighting kit, you get a 30W foldable solar panel array. The power generated by these panels is stored in the DC power bank. This compact power supply includes five 5V outlets for powering smartphones, digital devices, fans, shavers, and other small electronics.

You can see the benefits of solar power immediately by connecting the 4 LED light bulbs that are included in this set. They connect to the 5V outlets on the power bank, allowing you to illuminate your patio or other rooms without using any additional energy.

Along with the light bulbs and the power bank, you also get all of the necessary cables and chargers. This includes 3 charging cables for devices that use a USB connection, along with 2 power adapters for the iPhone 4 and 5.

Get Off the Power Grid by Ordering the HKYH Solar Panel Lighting Kit!

Grape Solar GS-400-Kit 400W Solar Panel Kit

If you are serious about wanting to limit your dependency on your local power grid, then take a look at the Grape Solar GS-400-Kit 400W solar panels kit.

The Grape Solar kit costs several times what you will pay for smaller kits, but this setup can generate plenty of power for keeping small appliances running around the clock. You get everything that you need to get started, including:

• 400W solar panel array (4 100W panels)
• 35 Amp charge controller
• 2000W inverter with USB port and two outlets


The 400W of power is generated by an array of 4 solar panels. This is not a portable unit. You can set up your panels on your roof or in your yard, in order to maximize exposure to the sun. The power that you generate is controlled with a 35 Amp charge controllerQuickStart Setup PDF.

While this kit does not come with a battery it does come with an inverter. The 2000W inverter features two standard outlets and a USB port so that you can instantly begin charging devices and connecting your appliances.

Purchase the Grape Solar GS-400-Kit Today to Slash Your Energy Bills!

KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Home Solar Kit


A step up from the Grape Solar GS-400-Kit is the KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Solar Kit. This system actually generates enough power to run televisions, microwaves, and even your fridge. Check out the main features and details of these solar panels for home use:

• 1800W solar panel
• 60Ah battery
• Plug and play – no installation needed
• No fuel requirements
• Built-in transfer switches for an uninterruptible power supply
• 1-year warranty

View PDF Owner’s Manual

The KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 is your complete home solar system. Unlike some of the other units, you do not need to deal with connecting this system to your home power supply. Instead, you get a large 60Ah battery with 4 standard wall outlets. You could set this up near your kitchen and use the power generated by the panels to power your fridge and kitchen appliances.

The large battery also has a built-in transfer switch. This allows you to run your appliances off the solar power and then automatically switch to the power grid as needed, for an uninterruptible power supply.

All of this is backed by a 1-year warranty. The ease of use and massive power help make the KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 the top-of-the-line starter kit for solar panels for home use.

Get the KISAE Technology HS1800-60-00 Kit Today to Power Your Kitchen Appliances!

These are among the top choices for solar panels for your home. They range from compact, affordable options to large solar panel arrays for powering larger appliances. Consider your needs and the types of electronics, gadgets, or appliances that you plan on powering, before making your final choice.

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