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How does a self-consumption photovoltaic solar kit work?

In today’s article we will learn about the operation of a photovoltaic solar kit, what its components are and all the benefits that this energy production system can offer us.

A photovoltaic solar kit is made up of a series of elements that allow it to function as an energy collector. Solar panels are one of them, and are responsible for receiving all possible solar radiation to transform it into direct current electricity.

It is at this time that the inverters transform that direct current into alternating current ready to be consumed at home. Now, in the case of systems that have been designed for self-consumption, the inverters are connected to the home’s electrical grid, as a starting point in the distribution of energy in the home.

How does a self-consumption photovoltaic solar kit work?

How does a self-consumption photovoltaic solar kit work?

These facilities that we have introduced into our home network will allow us to save considerably on the electricity bill, since the loads connected at the moment of generation will first consume what we are generating before consuming from the common electrical network.

Also, we are generating clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy over time, which is basically what the new self-generation models aim at.

To give an example, a home that consumes around 10,000 Wh throughout the day, if it does not have a photovoltaic solar kit, it will be adding this figure to the electricity company to which they are affiliated, instead of subtracting and saving considerably .

The fact that we make an investment of this type, always and at all times, will benefit us and would imply savings and the recovery of what was initially invested. In addition, as we have mentioned before, we are using sustainable and clean energy models.

We are sure that this is the way to a new model of energy generation, greener, cleaner, more ecological and sustainable over time. Hence the effort of many brands to continue innovating, in search of new technologies that can be applied to their equipment to offer more and more efficiencies in the generation, accumulation and distribution of energy.

Buying a photovoltaic solar kit for self-consumption is an investment whose purpose is savings, a determining factor in these times, where energy costs are increasing more and more, even restricting our access to it, when we know we can generate it with these wonderful equipment and that you can take a look at them on our website or contact us to assist you in a personalized way and advise you on everything you need.

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