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How much does it cost to put solar panels in a house?

Before seeing what a solar panel installation costs in our house, let’s look at all the benefits that an investment of this type will bring us. At first, it is one of the best ways to reduce the electricity bill, so the price of the plates will always be worth it if it is going to allow us to save later.

The profitability, viability and efficiency of solar energy is not only a reality in Europe, but in much of the world where this type of energy is consolidated over time.

If we dedicate ourselves to analyzing any self-consumption installation to save money, we can affirm that solar energy, with the current cost of the plates, is an investment with a fairly high internal rate of return, that is, we invest money that we easily recover thanks to the savings we get.

There are even those who, based on photovoltaic self-consumption, avoid paying a large part of the electricity bill, since they manage to avoid consuming from the electricity grid in the period in which consumption can be supplied directly and exclusively by the Sun. In addition, the simple The fact that our home has energy through solar panels will increase the value of the home on the market.

Now, if we have already requested several estimates and we are making the decision of which equipment to buy, it is advisable that we analyze some important elements such as the quality of the product, guarantees, installation, among others.

We know that the costs of a solar panel installation will depend on the power to be installed, and the prices are quite low knowing all its benefits, but there is a question that we must answer.

Is it profitable to install solar panels in our house?

The answer is yes. There will always be profitability, but we will get it even more if we look at the payback period. It is really a very simple calculation that allows us to know the time necessary for us to reach that equilibrium point, that is, to specify when the investment made by a photovoltaic panel installation is equal to the savings achieved.

A good reason to invest in solar panels is that in the last 8 years photovoltaic technology has decreased its cost by more than 60%, otherwise, electricity bills continue to increase by almost 4% every year.

On the other hand, it is an energy that is respectful with the environment, sustainable over time and creates a habit of ecological consumption. Something that our children will thank us for.

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