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How to use solar energy to achieve energy savings

If you want to know how you can use the equipment and facilities to obtain solar energy and achieve maximum energy savings in combination with the electricity services proposed by conventional companies, we provide you with the information to take into account:

Combine solar energy with the best price per kWh of light

The best way to amortize your investment in equipment capable of obtaining energy from the sun is to combine this system with a night light rate that offers the best price conditions for each kWh of light consumed at certain times of the day where there is no It is possible to generate enough electricity to cover all the needs of the house.

You should know that there are two types of price of the kWh of electricity currently. On the one hand, there is the kWh price of the regulated market that is set by the Ministry, is updated daily and is applied without distinction by the list of Reference Companies authorized by the Government for contracting the PVPC rate.

The rest of the catalog of marketers such as: EDP, Naturgy, Endesa or Iberdrola has nothing to do with their free market rates, where in this case the official price of electricity is not respected and a fixed amount is set for a contract of one year duration, as well as specific conditions and even temporary discounts in some of the terms. You can find out all these current specifications and promotions by using a comparator before contracting the rates of Iberdrola, Holaluz, Endesa or any other.

In this case, the best option is to apply time discrimination to pay less for the light consumed at night and even first thing in the morning. In the rate comparator it is possible to specify this parameter and obtain a complete list with the results of all types of rates from Iberdrola, Naturgy, EDP and other companies with night plans or personalized modes of time discrimination that offer better conditions at certain hours of the day. day.

Advantages of solar energy combined with the traditional system

Investing in photovoltaic solar systems to generate your own energy at home is a long-term safe bet that is worth the initial investment in view of the benefits that are obtained:

  • Independence from the electricity grid conventional due to the possibility of creating one’s own energy that is going to be consumed throughout the day and covering the rest of the extra needs only when necessary.
  • The plates have a great durability and are guaranteed for many years after installation. In addition, they do not require specific maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • It uses a natural energy source, renewable and inexhaustible, so it can be used by all users who have the relevant equipment and facilities.
  • The geographic situation Spain makes us a privileged country when it comes to obtaining this type of energy because we have many hours of sunshine during most of the year.
  • There is the possibility of performing shared facilities between several people to supply their nearby homes, saving on expenses and space.

They can take advantage of official aid for those who want to invest in solar energy, which can be requested in various Autonomous Communities. You can check this information through the following link

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