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Myths about Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Renewable energies represent a clean, cheap and sustainable way to take advantage of it as self-consumption and supply the energy we need daily. Specifically, solar energy is the main alternative to the one we usually use in our homes and that comes to us through the electricity grid.

While the use of photovoltaic solar energy is increasingly widespread, false myths are also spreading about the disadvantages that its use entails and that do not correspond to reality. We show you some of them and the real characteristics that make this alternative energy one of the best options for users.

False myths about photovoltaic solar energy

Solar energy is expensive >> False

Installing photovoltaic panels is fast and with today’s prices it does not have a high cost, even more so considering that it is a short, medium and long term investment, since it will allow to take advantage of sunlight to supply the house and get a considerable saving in the energy bill.

Solar energy is not efficient >> False

The energy obtained from a photovoltaic panel replaces that of the electricity grid and with a system with batteries it can enjoy a wide autonomy, a duration that will depend on the production generated by the solar panels, the storage capacity in batteries and the quantity of actual consumption that is applied to the system.

If you live in a region with a high percentage of sunny days per year, the performance obtained from the solar panels will be higher and will allow you to enjoy clean energy consumption with lower costs.

The plates only work when it’s sunny >> False

Another of the erroneous beliefs associated with photovoltaic solar energy panels is that they stop generating electricity when there is the presence of clouds during the day. This conviction is false since the solar rays filter through the clouds and the plate collects them, also producing energy (although in less quantity) to be used in the electrical devices of the home.

The plates produce little energy >> False

The solar energy collected and converted into electricity is determined based on the number of plates and the level of solar radiation in the installed area. Spain is one of the countries with the highest solar radiation in the world, a fact that remarkably benefits being able to obtain more than enough energy for daily consumption.

Applications and other benefits of solar energy

The sun offers infinite possibilities to achieve energy efficiency in the home, being able to apply it in devices such as solar heaters, air conditioners, lamps to illuminate the garden or the electrical installation of the house and its different appliances, among others.

In addition, installing photovoltaic solar energy panels has other advantages such as the revaluation of the home, the significant savings in the electricity bill and the only cost of installing the photovoltaic panel kit, also adding the very important fact of using energy sustainable that does not harm the environment.

Specialists in photovoltaic solar energy

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