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Self-consumption solar kits

Self-consumption solar kits

for free and clean energy

With the increase in technology and the constant energy needs that we require, it is necessary to look for alternative sources to the current ones. This is necessary in order to keep up the pace and make it sustainable, both for the planet and for our pockets. We have all heard of renewables but is it true that they are efficient? Is it worth the investment?

What options we have

Although there are limits when using this type of energy, to the normal consumption that we do daily the situation is very favorable. Efficiency has increased and cost has dropped considerably, especially with regard to self-consumption solar kits, one of the best options today for photovoltaic self-consumption.

If you are convinced that you want an electricity supply based on solar energy, the ideal is a system that allows you use that energy permanently. For this you need a kit that, in addition to the photovoltaic solar panels and an inverter, contains a set of batteries and one or more solar regulators, used to accumulate the energy of the panels to be able to use it at night. This correctly calculated system offers us the possibility of not having to be connected to the electrical network and that is why they are more commonly known as isolated photovoltaic solar kits. Although these kits can also be assisted by the electrical network and therefore be known as self-consumption kits with batteries.

If you are not so convinced, there is another much simpler and cheaper option, which will surely help you take the step and convince you of the benefits of this energy. They are another type of kits that work with the support of the electrical network and do not have batteries, so that we can save all the light that is consumed during the hours of sun. Obviously, they are much more affordable than the previous ones and their installation is much easier.

Although the first option is the one that generates the most savings in the long term, we have the possibility to choose. The facilities are greater every day and it is a change that we are almost forced to give. In addition, using renewable energies we all win. Not only is it worth the investment, our planet and future generations will thank us for it.

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