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HVA Charge Controller for Wind Turbine Generators & Solar Panels

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440 Amp 10,000 Watt Diversion/Regulator Hybrid Controller
Two High Contrast Meters (both Volts and Amps)
Two D/C Breakers/Disconnects


Key options of this controller are:

Microprocessor managed — This is essential for each balance and capability.
User changeable settings — A couple of controllers available on the market set the sell off degree, and that’s the reason that!
Super Top amp score – **440 Amps, as much as 10,000 watts. 440 amps surge, 125 amps steady.
Works instantly with 12, 24 or 48 volt techniques. — The relay contacts can maintain open collector voltages of as much as 120 volts.
High Distinction LED battery voltage. – A couple of controllers don’t let you know what is going on – This one does!
High Distinction LED turbine amperage meter — Measures 3 digits to the left of the decimal, 2 digits to the precise.
Meters can also be close the use of the on/off transfer.
Two manufacturing unit put in, Absolutely stressed out D/C breakers and disconnects.
Entire unit is stressed out and able to head for each wind and sun.
Battery standing LED
Push to check. — Ever wonder whether your controller & load are running OK?
Large (eight” x 12″) cast metal enclosure, with a couple of conduit knockouts
Large sufficient terminal blocks that you’ll in truth terminate huge twine (See notes beneath.)
The electronics are Absolutely remoted from the enclosure, no floor loops.
Draws nearly no energy at the same time as tracking (all electronics should use a few energy, to paintings — it is a miser)
Reverse Polarity safe.

Can maintain ten, 1000 watt wind generators, or as much as 125 Amps of constant solar energy, or each on the similar time. Notice that 440 amps isn’t steady, however is proscribed to twenty% accountability time.

**a hundred and fifty amp warmth activated breakers were put in to restrict steady present to 150 amps. Immediate present dealing with of this unit to not exceed 440 amps.
**The solenoid on this unit has been examined to over 440 amps. We’ve put in a hundred and fifty-amp breakers as a regular configuration.
440 Amp 10,000 Watt Diversion/Regulator Hybrid Controller
Top Distinction Meters (each Volts and Amps)
D/C Breakers/Disconnects
Absolutely stressed out, able to head for each wind and sun
Works instantly with 12, 24, and 48 volt techniques

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