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Offgridtec FSP-2 120W High Performance Portable Foldable Solar Panel with Victron Smartsolar 75/15 MPPT Mounting…

Foldable High Performance Solarpanel with 120W Maximum Power — Perfect Solution for Camping, Boats, RV and Caravan or on Expeditions — This Foldable Panels will also give Power if there are not all fields in Sun — You can use whichever model you prefer (to check the compatibility, please see the technical Specs downside)
This Set includes the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Charge Controller — the Victron Connect App (for iOs and Android) will show you all important Datas from your foldable Solarpanel on Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth Connection — you can Charge all Types of Batteries, also LiFePo4 — 5 Years Warranty for all Victron Energy Devices
Connection Cable Kit: 6m from Solarpanel to Charge Controller — 0.5m from Cable which can be fixed on Charge Controller and Controller can be installed can be mounted on fix-place — Connection between the 6m and 0.5m Cable is with Anderso Plugs, so you can connect and disconnect on a easy way if it is necessary and you dont must remove cable from Charge Controller for Disconnection — 1m Cable with Fuse from Controller to Battery with Crocodile Clamps

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