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The Council of Ministers on Friday June 6 Master in Traffic, Road Safety and Mobility

At Council of Ministers last Friday, June 6, a number of decisions have been made that are important from the perspective of the Energy, the efficiency and the sustainability.


First of all, the Government has launched a series of measures aimed at undertaking and developing a strategy for the second half of 2014. It aims to carry out fiscal consolidation, a boost to growth and competitiveness, and an optimal use of European funds. The following objectives are pursued:

*Increase the loan to the financing of the productive economy.

* Improve the regulation of the financing of corporate debt restructuring and, in general, the entrepreneurship.

* Favor the environmentally friendly growth, prioritizing energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions.

* Encourage competitive functioning of markets, promoting the improvement of basic infrastructure and transport.

* Strongly support the industrial competitiveness.

* Boost the I+D+I business.

*Encourage the internationalization of the Spanish economy.

Likewise, the Royal Decree regulating the activity of electric power production from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste, just like him Royal Decree regulating the direct granting of subsidies for the acquisition of electric vehicles in 2014, within the framework of the comprehensive strategy to promote the electric vehicle in Spain 2010-2014 (Program MOVELE 2014).

Regarding the first, it is not entirely logical that from the bench of the Council of Ministers everything is said that premiums have increased and that the same is not done with electricity companies, making a negative discrimination against renewable facilities for having clearly marked the reasonable profitability (set at 7.5%), and this has never been done with the ordinary regime facilities that have done so much in this country because the price of kWh has increased by the percentage suffered. It should be noted that for new facilities, competitive competition procedures that will conform to the principles of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination. By Royal Decree, the specific technologies that may participate in said competitive competition mechanism will be established and, by Ministerial Order, the remuneration parameters corresponding to standard facilities will be subsequently established.

With regard to aid for electric vehicles, the methodology for receiving them is established according to the type of vehicle considered.

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