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What kind of solar thermal panel can we choose?

A solar thermal panel generally aims to provide hot water using solar thermal energy. This can be used for swimming pools, toilets and even for air conditioning systems.

One of the great advantages of thermal solar panels is that they allow us to save energy and money, since their source is totally free and free, unless of course the sun decides to collect taxes from earthlings. At present, buying a thermal solar panel is quite simple, we can buy it in any store that sells this type of equipment, however, the only complexity is to achieve the maximum possible performance when installing it, for this reason it is It is necessary that we go to the experts to carry out the pertinent analyzes and measurements in order to achieve greater efficiency of the equipment that we are going to choose.

Before we get to the classification of solar thermal panels, it is convenient that we know about the importance, regardless of the type of solar thermal panel, of the storage tank, which receives all that heat captured by the collectors to be used at any time that we need it.

There are different types of accumulators of various capacities. For example, a 300-liter accumulator (with its corresponding solar thermal panels) can supply a small family with Sanitary Hot Water on a daily basis, saving on average up to 80% on the electricity, gas or diesel bill used for That purpose, of course, everything will depend on consumption habits and the awareness that one has about the use of sanitary hot water.

In short, we know that every circuit of thermal solar panels or collectors solar thermal panel contains water and antifreeze that circulates through the thermal collector, reaching high temperatures, and then returning to the accumulator in which it deposits all that heat and repeats the cycle again.

Having understood this, let’s get to know the two types of thermal solar panels that we can choose from.

1 – Flat solar thermal panel

This type of thermal solar panel is made up of a covered box whose upper surface is totally transparent, with insulation on the sides and at the bottom. Inside, it has multiple layers of materials, one of which is the absorber plate that fulfills the function of capturing solar thermal energy and transmitting it to the tubes where the heated liquid circulates.

2 – Vacuum tube solar collectors

It is a technology that contemplates the vacuum tubes that all end up in a main collector through which the heat transfer liquid passes. This type of thermal solar panel is considered one of the highest performance systems, it is designed to absorb as much heat as possible, and thanks to its vacuum chamber between the two concentric tubes and which gives the tubes its name, it allows that this absorbed energy has the least possible heat loss.

Take a look at our section on solar thermal panels and if you need some help to know what type of solar thermal panel is the best for your installation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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