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Why is a photovoltaic equipment the best option in solar energy?

We know that the sun is a rich source of energy, essential for our planet and that all living beings that inhabit our only spacecraft use it as an essential part of our lives, including, thanks to new energy technologies, human beings now we are able to transform it by means of solar energy equipment into electricity.

Photovoltaic energy systems are parts of this equipment that are powered by solar energy to store it in accumulators or take it directly to each of our homes, as part of a new model of ecological and sustainable energy self-generation over time.

Innovation in this area has been present in many companies since the use of electrical energy. Let us remember that in almost all parts of the world, it is claimed as part of human well-being, for this reason continuous efforts for new, more efficient and more environmentally friendly technologies have been the main objective.

Solar energy equipment such as photovoltaics are part of this new form of electricity generation. Let’s see what are the types of existing photovoltaic installations.

There are two types of photovoltaic installations, both with the same common objective, that of transforming solar radiation into electrical energy through panels.

1 – Without connection to the electricity grid:

As explained, these facilities are not connected to the common electrical distribution network. In this type of system the electrical energy is generated and consumed, however, they need to include batteries to store the energy until consumption occurs or not.

For example, in isolated homes these facilities are the most common. Solar home kits of this type are ideal for providing the necessary electrical energy.

2 – With connection to the electrical network:

The photovoltaic system and the electrical network that reaches our homes coexist to supply the consumption we require.

But it is the energy generated from solar equipment that is used before in the consumption of the house. In the event that this is not sufficient, the electrical network will be the one that provides the rest of that energy demanded.

Now, in case of energy surpluses in the installation, it will be injected into the electrical network to be distributed to the nearest consumption, or systems that do not allow injection to the network or more commonly called zero injection systems can be installed.

Given the demand for more and more energy that has worsened over time and continues to grow, having a solar energy equipment at home is already a necessity, not counting the increases in the electricity bill, so what to do? such an investment will save us time and money.

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