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Permaculture Playing Cards Price: $19.99 (as of 01/03/2021 16:46 PST- Details)

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52 poker size playing cards introduce sustainable living as a gift to organic gardeners
cards for: Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison, Ruth Stout, Masanobu Fukuoka, Mike Oehler, Art Ludwig
Greywater, Rocket Mass Heater, Hugelkultur, Bamboo, Allan Savory, Willie Smits, Fungi, Jean Pain


At the same time as Those are absolutely practical poker playing cards, their number one goal is to turn other people the wealthy range of permaculture. Permaculture embraces gardening well past natural, plus Herbal development, greening the deserts, choice power, feeding the arena and blazing a path for much less poisonous dwelling.

Those playing cards had been created with the theory of “what could be an ideal vacation present that I may just supply to my family and friends that thinks my permaculture way of life is loopy. One thing they’d revel in, and that may make me appear much less loopy and it is a stocking stuffer too!”

Aces: Polyculture; Wofati; Hugelkultur; Rocket Mass Heater
Kings: Sepp Holzer; Bamboo; Masanobu Fukuoka; Invoice Mollison
Queens: Black Locust; Comfrey; Greening Deserts; Ruth Stout
Jacks: Mike Oehler; Willie Smits; Allan Savory; Artwork Ludwig
Tens: Paddock Shift Programs; Greywater; Dandelion; Stinging Nettles
Nines: Sunchokes; Fungi; Jean Ache; Mullein
Eights: Herbal Swimming Pool; Mulberry; Tefa; The Guy Who Planted Trees
Sevens: Chickens; Pigs; Pee; Changing Irrigation with Permaculture
Sixes: Ben Legislation; Electrical Tractor; Husp; Honey Bees
Fives: Meals Maintenance; Insects, Weeds, Funguses & Microorganisms; Past Compost; Wind and Berms
Fours: Wildcrafting; Farm animals Dad or mum Canine; Meals as Medication; Mason Bees
Threes: Meals Woodland; Rhubarb; Dry Outhouse; Sun Meals Dehydrator
Twos: Rumford Fireside; Solid Iron; Diatomaceous Earth; Apple Tree

26 playing cards have a reputation hidden on them and one card has a hidden needle.

Different markings for the suicide king and the only eyed jacks.

Art work through Alexander Ojeda. Textual content and concepts from Paul Wheaton of

52 poker dimension taking part in playing cards introduce sustainable dwelling as a present to natural gardeners
playing cards for: Sepp Holzer, Invoice Mollison, Ruth Stout, Masanobu Fukuoka, Mike Oehler, Artwork Ludwig
Greywater, Rocket Mass Heater, Hugelkultur, Bamboo, Allan Savory, Willie Smits, Fungi, Jean Ache
Herbal Swimming Pool, Chickens, Pigs, Ben Legislation, Electrical Tractor, Honey Bees, Mason Bees, Timber
Meals Maintenance, Compost, Wildcrafting, Meals as Medication, Meals Woodland, Sun Meals Dehydrator as an Amazon Associate earn from qualifying purchases.

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